SPRE Student Chapter

Society of Petroleum Resources Economists is an international professional organization specifically dedicated to the business side of the petroleum industry aka. “Petroleum Economics”, having student chapters in universities all around the globe. SPRE Chapter at NED University formally started its activities in December 2018 at NED University of Engineering & Technology. SPRE Chapter at NED University has the distinction of being the only one in South Asia.


SPRE Chapter at NED University works to develop an acute understanding of the economics involved in oil and gas industry among the students not only from the Department of Petroleum Engineering but from all disciplines within the university. SPRE-NED is working hard to bridge the gap between the academia and the petroleum industry, by hosting a deluge of technical and not-technical events in a relatively short time span.


Students of the Department of Petroleum Engineering write research articles which are regularly published in the quarterly Journal of Petroleum Resources Economics (JPRE), magazine published by Society of Petroleum Resources Economics (SPRE) – International.

Officer Corp

As per its constitution, SPRE Chapter at NED University is led by the incumbent Officer Corp, supervised by Faculty Advisor, Mr. Faizan Ali. The student leaders of the Officer Corp of SPRE-NED include:

Muhammad Hassaan Chaudhry                 – President

Muzammil Ahmed                                       – Vice President

Talha Mehtab                                               – Secretary

Hasnain Shabbir                                           – Treasurer