Research Orientation Program

To promote research culture within the department a faculty presentation on regular basis being conducted. With the start of Master Degree Program the faculty members will be actively involved in research in collaboration with the industry. The department has adequate research lab facilities for this purpose. 

A joint R & D project between NEDUET and Pakistan Petroleum Limited

Faculty Members were involved in the following researches:

UNESCO sponsored Post Graduate Research Fellowship at AGH University of Science & Technology, Krakow, Poland:

  • Modeling of Multiphase flow in natural gas condensate and volatile oil in porous media. (EOR-CO2 / EGR-CO2 models).
  • Reservoir Geophysics for Hydrocarbon & water prospection.

Master Degree Research:

  • Well Test analysis of Multilayered Reservoirs, Herriot watt University Edinburgh, UK.
  • Reservoir Simulation & Enhanced Oil Recovery, University of Alberta, Canada.

  • Importance of Water Influx and Water Flooding in Gas Condensate Reservoirs, NTNU Norway

  • Horizontal Well Length Optimization considering WellBore Hydraulics, NTNU Norway

  • Theoretical study of Osmotic and Swelling Pressures with Experimental Investigation of Threshold Capillary Pressure in Shales, NTNU Norway

  • Error and Ellipses of Uncertainty Analysis in Far North, NTNU Norway

  • Effects of Surfactants in Alkaline- Surfactant-Polymer Flooding in Carbonate   Rocks on Wettability and Interfacial Tension, UTM (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia)

  • Comparative Study of Talhar and Patala Shale using Liner Dynamic Swell Meter

  • Controlling Asphaltenes Deposition on Oil Well Using Chemical Treatments.

Phd Degree Research:

  • Single and Multiphase Flow Properties of Fault Rocks: Implication of Petroleum Production, University of Leeds
  • Petrophysical Properties of Fault Rocks: Implication of Petroleum Production, University of Leeds

Research Publications:

  • Ali, S.I., Lalji, S.M., Haneef. J., Ahsan, U., Tariq, S.M., Tirmizi, S.T., Shamim, R., Critical analysis of different techniques used to screen asphaltene stability in crude oils, Fuel, Volume 299, 1st September 2021, 120874.
  • Ali, S.I., Lalji, S.M., Haneef. J., Khan, M.A., Louis, C., Comprehensive Analysis of Asphaltene Stability Predictors under Different Conditions, Petroleum Chemistry, 2021.
  • Lalji, S.M., Khan, M.A., Haneef, J., Ali, S.I., Arain, A.H., Shah, S.S., Nano-particles adapted drilling fluids for the swelling inhibition for the Northern region clay formation of Pakistan, Applied Nanoscience, 2021.
  • Ali, S.I., Lalji, S.M., Haneef. J., Ahsan, U., Khan, M.A., Yousaf, N., Estimation of asphaltene adsorption on MgO nanoparticles using ensemble  learning, Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems, Volume 208, 2021, 104220.
  • Khan, M.A., Haneef, J., Lalji, S.M. et al. Experimental study and modeling of water-based fluid imbibition process in Middle and Lower Indus Basin Formations of Pakistan. J Petrol Explor Prod Technol (2020).
  • Lalji, S.M., Haneef, J., Khan, M.A., Ali, S.I., Demagnetizing the drill string magnetic interference in Far North and in Pakistan. Journal of Petroleum Exploration and Production Technology. 10. 2019.
  • Khan, M.N., Wan Sulaiman, W.R. & Abbas, A.H. Study of Sulfosuccinate and Extended Sulfated Sodium Surfactants on the Malaysian Crude/Water Properties for ASP Application in Limestone. Arab J Sci Eng 46, 6915–6924 (2021).