Student Energy NEDUET Chapter


Student Energy is a global charity society, building the next generation of energy leaders who will accelerate the world’s transition to a sustainable energy future.

Being headquartered in Canada, Student Energy has thousands of student followers in over 20+ countries. Student Energy Chapters are a vehicle to help the passionate youth transform into transition-makers who will make the visions of sustainable energy future a reality. Student Energy Chapters are established in over 35+ highly reputed universities including University of California Davis (USA), Cambridge University (UK), Durham University (UK), University of British Columbia (Canada), Murdoch University (Perth, Australia), Universidad de Ingeniería y Tecnología (Lima, Peru), University de Guadalajara (Mexico), Middle East Technical University (Turkey), Pan African University Institute of Water and Energy Sciences (Algeria).


The mission of our student chapter is to inspire the students and equip them with knowledge and skills that will assure their proficiency in contributing to a sustainable future. We will enable the students who are directly linked with oil and gas industry to research environmental-friendly ways to exploit petroleum resources. Our focus would be to assist the academia and industry in undergoing a smooth energy transition from fossil based to zero carbon energy production through innovative research and projects.

Our student chapter will work to instill the importance and perils of climate change due to CO2 emission through conferences and seminars, among the students of NED University of Engineering and Technology. We are strongly committed to produce competent energy leaders by engaging youth in innovative opportunities and global forums that will empower them to become the game changers.


Student Energy NEDUET Chapter started its operation in late 2019 and since then, it has been a rollercoaster of events and opportunities for the young energy leaders.

The kick-start of SENC took place on 19th December 2019 when Mr. Syed Asim Rashid from HARVARD| MIT, motivated the students of NED in career opportunities and advancement.

Followed by PEEP EVENT (Petroleum Engineers Entrepreneurs Platform) for the students to showcase their soft-skills at industrial level.

Soon after, SENC associated with the international chapters and held webinars to share the vision of energy leaders belonging to different countries. Moving forward to an unfortunate and uneventful 2020, SENC didn’t stay back but geared up on online interactive sessions. First one with Mr. Sarmad Siddiqui PPL| UEP| Louisiana State University, who guided the students on “Current Economic Standings and Career in Oil Industry”.

A valuable 4-day course- quarantine session with Mr. Hernan Bujis a hydraulic fracturing expert in Wintershell Dea Germany.

Engaging the Chapter with the international SWITCH ON DOCUMENTARY on Energy Poverty.  Engaged with student energy chapters in UK, USA, Canada, Mexico, Bolivia, Brazil, Palestine, Netherlands, Nigeria and Turkey and presented and learnt ideas on accelerating the world’s transition towards a sustainable energy future.

Then the Mega event of the 2020 tenure INTERNATIONAL SWITCH ENERGY CASE COMPETITION supported by the University of Texas| Department of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering.

Ending the 2020 tenure with the intellectual personality of Miss Hira Wajahat Malik who carried an online session on the “ Understanding of Electricity value chain and integration of renewables”.

Finally entering into 2021, SENC arranged a productive session with Mr Pietro Galli to help individuals on optimizing their resume and social media presence.

SENC is looking forward to conduct more events to bring awareness in the youth about energy poverty and the need of a sustainable energy future.


End of Tenure Report 2019-2020

End of Tenure Report 2020-2021