This fully equipped laboratory provides the following conventional and special rock property studies. 


  • Determination of porosity by liquid saturation, gas expansion, and resistivity methods.
  • Determination of absolute, effective and relative permeabilities by steady-state and unsteady-state methods under reservoir conditions of pressure and temperature.
  • Determination of capillary pressure by porous diaphragm, centrifuge, and mercury injection methods.
  • Grain size analysis by sieve method.
  • Core preparation and analysis

Major Equipment: 

  • Helium Porosity Meter 
  • Soxhlet Extractor Apparatus 
  • Gas Permeameter 
  • Retort Oven System 
  • Dean Stark Distillation 
  • Ambient Electric Resistivity System 
  • Manual Saturator 
  • Core Sample Box 
  • Mortar Grinder 
  • Moisture Extraction Oven 
  • Electric Sieve Shaker 
  • Petroleum Oil Comparator 
  • Liquid Permeameter -
  • Vacuum Oven 
  • Moister Analyzer 
  • Compact Balance 
  • Analytical Balance 
  • Gas Chromatograph 
  • Water Content Distallation Apparatus 
  • Glass Desicator