Postgraduate Courses

Course Code Compulsory Courses Credit Hours
PE-501 Advanced Reservoir Engineering 3
PE-502 Advanced Drilling Engineering 3
PE-503 Advanced Production Engineering and Flow Assurance 3
PE-504 Applied Mathematics in Petroleum Engineering 3
PE-505 Health, Safety and Environment 3
  Common Elective Courses  
PE-521 Special Topics in Natural Gas Engineering 3
PE-522 Advanced Petrophysics and Well Logging 3
PE-523 Unconventional Reservoirs 3
PE-524 Petroleum Geomechanics 3
PE-525 Petroleum Economics 3
PE-526 Advanced Petroleum Geology 3
PE-527 Seismic Data Acquisition, Processing and Interpretation 3
PE-528 Applied Petroleum Project Planning and Management 3
PE-600 Independent Study Project 3
PE-601 Dissertation 3
  Elective Courses  
PE-506 Thermodynamics and Phase Behavior of Hydrocarbon Systems 3
PE-507 Formation Evaluation 3
PE-508 Advanced Reservoir Simulation 3
PE-509 Advanced Well Testing 3
PE-510 Enhanced Oil Recovery 3
PE-511 Fractured Reservoir 3
PE-512 Carbonate Reservoir Characterization 3
PE-513 Petroleum Resources and Reserves Estimation 3
PE-514 Drilling Fluid Engineering 3
PE-515 Under balanced and Managed Pressure Drilling 3
PE-516 Offshore Drilling 3
PE-517 Well Control 3
PE-518 Petroleum Production Operations 3
PE-519 Production Optimization 3
PE-520 Stimulation Design 3
  Non-Credit Courses  
PE-101 Fundamentals of Petroleum Engineering NC
PE-202 Petroleum Geology NC
PE-207 Drilling Engineering NC
PE-302 Reservoir Fluid Properties NC
PE-304 Reservoir Engineering-1 NC
PE-306 Subsurface Production Engineering NC