M.Engg. Programme is on hold.

Scheme of studies

a) Title of degree programme: Masters in Petroleum Engineering
b) Credit Hour: One credit hour means one teaching hour
c) Duration of course:
a. Minimum duration of three semester’s
b. Degree program consisting of 30 credit hours.
c. Independent study project (Elective) after completion of 12 credit hours
d. Dissertation (Elective) after completion of 18 credit hours

Standard  Programme measurable Objectives

Mission Statement of the University
Strive for achieving highest international standards in post-graduate engineering education:

  • Developing / implementing Quality Assurance policies and procedures,
  • Capacity building of the faculty / staff,
  • Assessing / auditing the education and research processes, and
  • Reviewing the progress for enhancement of the quality of education.

 Mission Statement of the Department
The department mission is to provide quality education to produce professionals with sound theoretical and practical foundations in the domain of petroleum engineering. The student must equip with standards of ethical values with motivation to achieve the excellence, which should be useful to the society and the humanity.

 Mission Statement of the Programme
To be recognized as a leading programme in petroleum engineering in country and in the region for providing quality education; to produce professionals with sound theoretical and practical foundation in petroleum engineering with emphasize on understanding with new emerging technologies and develop expertise.

Measurable Objectives of the Programme

1. Technical Knowledge
Provide a solid background of the core concepts of Petroleum Engineering. The programme provides in-depth knowledge of current Petroleum Engineering technologies and advancement.

2. Analytical Skills
Develop skills to conceive and formulate the technical problem, analyse the technical situations and devise the alternate solutions for mitigation and optimization the processes applied in Petroleum Engineering.

3. Academia-industry relationship
To develop university-industry relationship through the graduating students, seminars and workshops related with Petroleum Engineering. Develop R &D relationships by graduate student’s projects.

4. Self-Learning and Ability to adapt
Provide an environment conducive to self-learning and independent thinking. Develop skills to adapt to the fast-paced advancements and appreciate innovative solutions in Petroleum Engineering.

5. Research Orientation
Provide with orientation to the current researches, tools and technologies in the field of Petroleum Engineering through research opportunities at the department by utilizing the web, Journals and funded projects.


Curriculum and Syllabi of Courses
Time Table M-Engg Spring Semester-2019

Postgraduate Students