The Department Seminar Library was established at the time of inception of department in 2005. It is located on second floor of department building (Room. No.201). Seminar Library is recognized for reading, studying and research work. Students and faculty are allowed to sit and study the books, journals, magazine under prescribed timing. A seating capacity of 30 students is available at one time. The library houses the following: 

Books and Technical Articles/ Research Papers 

  • Reservoir Engineering 
  • Production Engineering
  • Drilling Engineering 
  • Drilling Fluid 
  • Geology 
  • GeoPhysics
  • Well Testing 
  • Well Logging
  • Computer & Programming
  • Basic Science and Engineering 

Journals/Newsletters includes

  • Journal of Petroleum Technology 
  • The News & Views (HEC Newsletters)
  • The Flame (SSGC Newsletters)
  • The Spectrum (Saudi Armco Newsletters)
  • Progressive (PPL Newsletters)
  • Vision (PSO Newsletters)
  • Petro-News (Institute of Pakistan Petroleum Newsletters)
  • NED University Journal of Research 
  • American Association of Petroleum Geologist (AAPG) Magazine 
  • Oil and Gas Investor 
  • Saudi Armco
  • E & P 
  • Hart Energy Conference
  • Pipe & Gas Technology
  • World Fuel
  • Gulf State Petroleum
  • North American Petroleum
  • Talent & Technology
  • World Oil
  • Journal of Petroleum Technology
  • Journal of Petroleum Science & Engineering
  • Oil and Gas Journals
  • International Journals of Petroleum Engineering
  • Oil & Gas Financial Journal
  • The Flame
  • HEC News & views
  • Progress
  • Energy update
  • Shell World Pakistan
  • Pakistan Exploration & Production Activities in Pakistan (Map & Activity Report)
  • Weatherford Magazine

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Seminar Library

Main Library

The Library has collection of more than 200 books and about 300 total journals and newsletters with old and recent volumes. Local periodicals/journals are also acquired every month form different organizations related to Oil and Gas industries. A computerized data and Library Management System (LMS) are available for quick reference. Electronic copies of journals and books are also available. The Seminar Library also containing an exclusive collection of oldest SPE Transaction (1820-1986) donated by Mr. Jim Jordan and Mr. Charles Woodress of USA.